Italy has chosen to adopt a prudent line as coronavirus travel restrictions are eased and is keeping in force self-isolation and health-surveillance measures for all people arriving from extra-Schengen countries for the moment.

That means the measures will also apply in our country to citizens from the 14 countries on the EU's 'green list', to and from which it is possible to move freely as of Wednesday, according to an ordinance signed on Tuesday by Health Minister Roberto Speranza.

The ordinance adds 'demonstrable reasons of study' to the list of reasons for which people are allowed to enter Italian territory.

The other reasons are demonstrable work needs, health reasons and absolute necessity.

"The situation at the global level remains complex," Minister Speranza said after signing the ordinance.

"We must prevent the sacrifices the Italian people have made in recent months from being wasted".
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Data di pubblicazione: 1 luglio 2020, ultimo aggiornamento 2 luglio 2020


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