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Conference - eHealth
Rome, 7 - 8 ottobre 2014
Parco dei Principi Hotel, G. Frescobaldi Street, 5

In the occasion of the Italian Presidency of the Council of the European Union, the Directorate General of information and statistical system of the Italian Ministry of Health is organizing the Conference on eHealth. The Conference will take place in Rome, from 7 to 8 October 2014, at the 'Hotel Parco dei Principi.

The Conference originates from the consideration that eHealth represents today a strategic lever to innovate models, processes and clinical pathways generating, simultaneously, fundamental stimulus to the economy and entrepreneurial development both at National and European level. For these reasons, it is necessary to reinforce actions undertaken both at European level and within each Member State, aimed at the diffusion of eHealth as an usual instrument for healthcare professionals, patients and citizens.

Italy has adopted, in the field of eHealth, specific measures thanks to which has gained a forefront positioning in Europe and on which intends to carry out a constructive debate. In this context, the aforementioned Conference will be the occasion to share strategies and initiatives in the field of eHealth, through a comparison between the experiences implemented by different Member States, concerning the following topics:

  • electronic health record
  • telemedicine
  • electronic prescription of medicines
  • eHealth training for health operators

The Conference will start on Tuesday, 7th October, at 3 p.m., with an opening session held by the Italian Ministry of Health, Hon. Beatrice Lorenzin, to which the Ministers of Health of Norway, Sweden, France and UK have been invited. This session will focus on how eHealth can support continuity of care and sustainability of health systems of the different countries. In the subsequent sessions of the afternoon, the discussion will focus on the path to adoption of the Electronic Health Record in the different Countries, including regulatory, technical and privacy aspects, that often affect its full realization.

In the next day, Wednesday, October 8th, the discussion will concentrate on Telemedicine, with an illustration of the national guidelines adopted in Italy for a comparison with other countries. Particular attention will be paid to ethical, legal, security and transferability of best practices in Telemedicine beyond national and regional boundaries. Within the working sessions scheduled in this day, is also expected to attend a representative of DG SANCO and a representative of DG Connect of the European Commission.


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Participation to the event is only by invitation of the Italian Ministry of Health



Organizzazione e Info

Italian Ministry of Health

Directorate General of information and statistical system

Office III - New National Health Information System (NSIS)

Dr. Lidia Di Minco

Ph. +39.06.5994 -3630 - 2708 – 2011


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