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The Alliance’s statute provides for, at article 8, an Organ named Secretariat General which implements, in accordance with the President, the decisions of the Steering Committee and takes all necessary initiatives in order to achieve them. The Secretary General is named by the Steering Committee. Moreover, the Secretariat is responsible for the operativity of the IPOCM services as well as the functioning of the internal governance.

With regard to medical teleconsultation service provided by the Alliance, the Secretariat, through its services centre, superintends the structured medical dialogue between health centres in Italy and those abroad, as well as that among national health centres. In order to do that, it uses a routing array which is kept updated with the precious cooperation of the national health centres. The array builds upon the need of teleconsultation surveyed amongst the Italian hospitals worldwide. Such a need is reported in sub-classes of diseases, with the use of International standard coding (ICD9-CM of the W.H.O.), for each of them teleconsultation is guaranteed. The use of such a dynamic methodological tool empowers the Secretariat to attribute a specific teleconsultation request to the specialised centre, on the basis of a shared and validated correspondence array. This safeguards the appropriateness of teleconsultation request attribution.

Data generated by the teleconsultation flow do feed up a data base at its own services centre, from which they are drawn out and analysed for statistical purposes for the benefit of the Alliance’s fellows.

As far as distance learning is concerned, which is also supplied by the services centre, doctors and health personnel of the Italian hospitals abroad are targeted. The Secretariat General makes available digital objects and training materials which are organised on its e-learning platform as per training paths and ICD9-CM codes. Such taxonomic system which do represents a common ontology in fact guarantees a high integration ratio between digital objects and training materials on one hand and medical teleconsultation archive on the other hand, the latter indexed as per ICD9-CM codes.

The Secretariat also facilitates the fruition from Italian hospitals of several utilities. One professional resource facilitates the Community area and forums on the platform. The Secretariat General manages also the web Inventory of health equipment on donation by Italy to developing countries (Law n. 266 of 23 December 2005). Such Inventory, which is accessible via the Alliance’s home page, makes possible the systematic acquisition of relevant information about health equipment donations. In order to do that, it has been drawn a coded process for donation from Italy and reservations from abroad, with the aim of standardizing the acquired information and guaranteeing the good functioning of equipment through a declaration released by National Health Centres’ responsible. For such a goal, the Secretariat relies upon the Alliance Area Committees abroad which act as information interface towards local hospitals.

Finally, the Secretariat General assures the institutional governance management , by drafting the decision and budget papers of the Steering Committee and the General Assembly.


Secretary General
: G. Costanzo, MD

ICT Responsible: P. Monari (CNIPA - National Centre for the Informatics of the Public Administration) 

Accountability sector: A. Calabrò

Relationships with fellows: G. Costanzo, MD 

Web inventory of health equipment: S. Pagano 

elearning: L. Carletti

Medical Teleconsultation: staff

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