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In Italy, specific surveillance for this virus is active at national level since the beginning of the epidemic.

All the processed data collected from various sources are published at the same time on the National Civil Protection Department's interactive dashboard map:

  • the daily data sheet (Covid-19 Cases update) with the aggregated number of daily cases from the regions/autonomous provinces;
  • the epidemiological-surveillance infographic (ISS Epidemiological Infographic) produced by the Higher Health Institute (ISS), with individual case data from positive tests diagnosed by the regions/autonomous provinces;
  • the weekly regional monitoring report of the 'control room' group created by the April 30, 2020 ministry decree (Weekly Region surveillance).

The reports have been enriched with new data since June 25: 

  • cases identified via diagnostic suspicion
  • cases identified via screening activities

The cases identified via diagnostic suspicion are cases of people testing positive via a swab that emerged during clinical activities.

The cases identified via screening activities are positive swab cases that emerge via planned tests at the national or regional level.

Phase 2, a specific monitoring system

For the management of Phase 2, a specific monitoring system on epidemiological data and response capacity of regional health services has been activated, introduced with the decree of the Ministry of Health of April 30, 2020. The monitoring is developed by a “control booth” consisting of the Ministry of Health, the Higher Institute of Health and the Regions.


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