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The European Health Insurance Card - EHIC allows you to receive medically necessary (hence not only urgent) care previously covered by forms E 110, E 111, E 119 and E 128.

How and where to use it

To obtain the services, you can go directly to a doctor or a public or NHS-affiliated health facility and show the EHIC, which entitles you to receive treatment under the same conditions as patients registered with the Italian NHS. You will be provided the service directly, i.e. at no cost, except for any co-payment which is charged to patients and hence is not refundable.

Please note that you cannot use the EHIC to come to Italy to receive highly specialised treatments (scheduled treatments). For such planned treatment you will need prior authorisation from your country’s health insurance provider.

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Data di pubblicazione: 23 ottobre 2019, ultimo aggiornamento 28 ottobre 2019

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