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28 October 2020 - Covid-19 weekly monitoring, report of October 12-18

The epidemic is worsening, measures must be taken. Travel only when it is strictly necessary

27 October 2020 - Covid-19, the Ministerial Decree - Dpcm of October 24 in the Official Gazette

Minister Speranza: "We must be firm to contain the virus". The new measures in force until November 24

19 October 2020 - Covid-19 weekly monitoring, report of October 5-11

Epidemic on the rise. Hospitalizations are increasing. Comply conscientiously and accurately with all precautionary regulations

13 October 2020 - Covid-19 weekly monitoring, report September 28 - October 4

The number of COVID-19 cases in our country is increasing, Rt slightly exceeds the unit. The number of hospital admissions tends to increase, even if there is no overloading of intensive care. It is necessary to maintain a strict behaviour

8 October 2020 - Covid-19: Council of Ministers extends state of emergency. Decree law with measures to fight contagion published on the Official Gazette

Obligation to wear a mask even outdoors. The  Ministerial Decree - Dpcm of September 7, 2020 has been extended to October 15. The period of use for the Immuni App has been extended

8 October 2020 - Covid-19, Speranza signs Ordinance on urgent measures to contain and manage health emergency

Obligation to have a swab test  to enter Italy, for those coming from or passing through Belgium, France, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, the Czech Republic and Spain

7 October 2020 - Covid-19 weekly monitoring, report of September 21-27

Transmission throughout the country. It is important to respect the physical distancing, wash your hands, use masks but above all avoid any kind of assembly

29 September 2020 - Covid-19 weekly monitoring, report of September 14-20

The number of cases in our country has increased for the eighth consecutive week. The median age of positive people remains at 41. Compliance with prevention measures is essential: social distancing, hand washing, face masks

25 September 2020 - WHO pays homage to Italy, who responded with great strength to Covid-19

World Health Organization posts videos on Twitter about the country's experience

23 September 2020 - Covid-19 weekly monitoring, report of September 7-13

Increasing infections and a rise in the average age, all measures necessary to reduce the risk of transmission must be strictly observed: individual hygiene, use of masks and physical distancing.

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