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According to the Italian Directive issued by the Ministry of Public Administration and Simplification, dated 22 December 2011, Public Administration bodies can neither accept nor ask citizens for the submission of legal deeds and/or certificates that are already owned by other Public Administration bodies.

Therefore, all certificates will always be replaced by a “Substitute Declaration of Certification”. As a consequence, applications to this Ministry concerning the issuance, on behalf of the same Ministry, of any certificate that is deemed to be useful for the free movement within the EU boundaries, will only be supplied with a substitute declaration of certification (self-declaration).

This substitute declaration will always be duly filled in and it will include, for each profession or for any other specific case, all the information required by this Ministry in the application form.

Download and fill in:

The Italian Ministry of Health, in accordance with Law no. 183/2011 and pursuing the above-mentioned Directive, will accept and process applications concerning the issuance of certificates for the free movement within EU boundaries only if these applications are provided with a substitute declaration of certification.

Applications including certificates or legal deeds that are already owned by other Public bodies will not be considered.

Data di ultimo aggiornamento 30 july 2021