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Covid-19 weekly monitoring, report 19 - 25 April 2021

There is a continued decline in new cases and in the number of hospitalized patients, but the overall picture remains challenging. The Rt value transmissibility indicator calculated on symptomatic cases was 0.85 (range 0.80–0.91), a slight increase compared to the previous week, but below one even for the upper limit.

Three regions have a peak Rt value over one. Among these, two regions (Campania and Sicily) have a transmission rate consistent with Scenario 2. The incidence rate is slowly decreasing but still too high to allow the pandemic to be managed nationwide by means of containment i.e. identifying cases and tracing their contacts. Therefore, we must continue to reduce the number of cases, including through measures to reduce the possibility of social gatherings.

The now prevalent circulation in Italy of the variant B.1.1.7 (known as the UK variant) and the presence of other variants that can partially evade immune responses, means that the epidemic must continue to be managed with particular caution and in a progressive manner.


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Data di pubblicazione: 5 maggio 2021 , ultimo aggiornamento 5 maggio 2021


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