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Covid-19 weekly monitoring, report 28 June - 4 July 2021

The decline in national weekly incidence rate has come to a halt with evidence of an increase in cases diagnosed in various regions/autonomous provinces.

Overall, the general picture of the transmission of SARS-CoV-2 in Italy shows signs that require particular attention, with some regions/autonomous provinces classified as moderate epidemic risk.

The transmissibility for symptomatic cases only has increased slightly although it is below the epidemic threshold; an indication of an increase in viral circulation mainly in young people who are more frequently asymptomatic.

The pressure of COVID-19 on hospital services remains minimal with occupancy rates in medical wards and ICUs still falling.

The circulation of the Delta variant is also increasing in Italy. This variant is causing an increase in cases in other European countries with high vaccination coverage; therefore, we should undertake extensive tracking and sequencing.

The priority is to achieve high vaccination coverage and fully vaccinate all eligible people, with particular focus on people at risk of serious illness, in order to reduce virus circulation and the possible recrudescence of symptomatic cases of emerging variants with higher transmissibility.

Based on ECDC data and forecasts, the existing outbreaks caused by the Delta variant in Italy and the current vaccination coverage, we must remain alert and continue to apply and comply with the necessary measures to prevent an increase in circulation of the virus.


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Data di pubblicazione: 12 July 2021 , ultimo aggiornamento 12 July 2021


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