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Covid-19, government passes decree-law with new measures. State of emergency extended until April 30

Following the meeting held on January 13, the Council of Ministers approved a new decree-law on further urgent provisions for the containment and prevention of the Covid-19 epidemiological emergency and the holding of elections for the year 2021, extending the state of emergency to 30 April 2021.

These are the main changes introduced by the new decree-law:

Mobility between Regions

Until  February 15, 2021, the decree confirms, the ban already in force on any movements between different Regions or Autonomous Provinces, with the exception of  those motivated by proven work requirements, situations of necessity or health reasons. Returning to your residence, domicile or home is still allowed.

Travelling to other homes

From January 16, 2021 until  March 5, 2021, a maximum of two people may travel to another inhabited private home between 5 a.m. and 10 p.m., once a day, in addition to those already living in the dwelling of destination. The person or the two persons travelling may, however, take with them their children under 14 years of age (or other children under 14 years of age over whom they exercise parental authority) and any disabled or dependent persons who live with them. Travelling may take place within the same Region, in the yellow area, and within the same Municipality, in the orange area and in the red area, except for the provisions for travel from Municipalities with up to 5,000 inhabitants.

If mobility is limited to the municipal area, travel is allowed from municipalities with a population of no more than 5,000 inhabitants and for a distance of no more than 30 kilometres from their borders, excluding in any case travel to provincial capitals;

Introduction of a white area

A so-called 'white' area is established, which shall include all Regions with a 'type 1' scenario, a 'low' risk level and an incidence of infection of less than 50 cases per 100,000 inhabitants for three consecutive weeks. In the "white" area, the restrictive measures provided for by the Prime Minister's Decrees (DPCM) for the yellow, orange, and red areas do not apply, but any activity will be  carried out according to specific protocols. In the same areas, however, specific restrictive measures may be adopted by the Ministerial Decree, in relation to certain activities that are particularly relevant from an epidemiological point of view.

Setting up a national information platform on the vaccine plan

In view of the need to facilitate the implementation of the vaccination plan for the prevention of the Covid-19 infection, and in compliance with the European and national provisions in force on the protection of personal data, a national information platform has been set up to facilitate, on the basis of the needs identified, the distribution of vaccine doses, devices, and other materials to support the administration of the vaccine throughout the country, and the related tracking. In addition, upon request by the Region or Autonomous Province concerned, the national platform carries out, in subsidiarity, the operations of booking of vaccinations, registration of vaccine administration and certification of the vaccination, as well as the operations of data transmission to the Ministry of Health.

Other provisions

In view of the long-term emergency and the evolution of the epidemiological framework, the following provisions are adopted throughout the national territory:

  • By-elections for seats in the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate of the Republic declared vacant by  February 28, 2021 shall be held by  May 20, 2021.
  • The elections of Municipalities whose governing bodies have been dissolved pursuant to Article 143 of the Consolidated Law on Local Government, already called for November 22 and 23, 2020, shall be postponed and held by  May 2021, 20. Until the renewal of the aforementioned governing bodies, the duration of the management of the extraordinary commission shall be extended.
  • Residence permits expiring by  April 30, 2021 are extended to the same date.

Source: Council of Ministers Press release no. 90 of January 14

Data di pubblicazione: 14 January 2021 , ultimo aggiornamento 14 January 2021


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