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No critical situations in Italy - COVID monitoring report

Report Iss

The report on the results of monitoring of phase two of the coronavirus emergency during the week between May 18 and 24 says that, at the moment, there are no critical situations regarding the COVID-19 epidemic.

Heterogeneous Incidence

"The weekly incidence remains highly heterogeneous across the national territory," the monitoring report said.

In some regions the number of cases is still high, indicating a complex situation but one that us under control, while the number of cases is very limited in others.


So the report recommends "caution, especially when the frequency and scale of the movements of people across the national territory increases". Furthermore, the report said that "no signs of hospital care services being overloaded have been registered and improved levels of resilience have been observed".


Throughout the country, testing and screening policies continue to be strengthened at the regional level.

Even though this has increased diagnostic sensitivity, the weekly trend for newly diagnosed cases is down in almost all of the regions and autonomous provinces and the Rt reproduction rates are below 1.

As regards the Rt estimate, it is stressed that, when the number of cases is very low, some regions may temporarily have an Rt rate above 1 because of small local hotspots that affect the regional total, but are not a worrying factor. Contagion Continues.

"The lockdown measures in Italy have made it possible to control COVID-19 contagion across the national territory, albeit in a situation of continued widespread transmission of the virus, with very different incidences in the 21 regions," the report concluded.

Positive Situation

It said that the current situation "is positive, on the whole, with respect to the first phase of transition" although "signs of transmission persist, with new hotspots that depict a fluid epidemiological situation in many regions.

"This calls for rigorous respect of the measures necessary to reduce the risk of transmission, such as individual hygiene and physical distancing".

It is necessary to "continue to reinforce the regional services for prevention and response to COVID-19 to face eventual fresh waves of the epidemic".

Encouraging Data

Health Minister Roberto Speranza said the data released by the Higher Health Institute (ISS) are "encouraging" and that "the major sacrifices of the lockdown have produced these results. "We must continue on the path taken, moving gradually and with caution," he said.


Data di pubblicazione: 30 May 2020 , ultimo aggiornamento 30 May 2020


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