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National health service is getting 3.25 bn in relaunch decree says Speranza

The national health service has been allocated 3.25 billion euros in the government's 'relaunch decree', Health Minister Roberto Speranza announced at the end of the cabinet meeting that approved the package to help Italy recover from the coronavirus emergency.

"It's a much higher figure than what the State usually invests in the national health service (SSN) in a whole year," the minister said. "(In the past) it took two or three years to reach a figure like this. "But this time, on the other hand, we have a very important figure in one go". 

Regional network
Major financial resources will be invested in reinforcing the regional network thanks to the decree. "We realised that this was the real key to addressing the epidemic," Speranza said. "We are putting 9,600 nurses out on the field, with the figure of family nurse, and we are investing, in particular, in home services for fragile people, which will lift the percentage of people receiving care (in this way) from 4% to 6.7%, that is 0.7 of a percentage point more than the OECD average".

Stronger hospital network
A big chunk of the financial resources will be used to strengthen the hospital network.
"With this decree the number of places in intensive care will go up to 11,109, 115% more than we had before the COVID emergency," the minister continued.
"We don't know what's in store for us. "The experts have spoken of the possibility of a second wave (of contagion). We must be ready".

Minister Speranza also announced that another 240 million euros will be invested in the recruitment of new personnel and 190 will go on incentives for doctors.

Precious stone
"We have found the resources to finance another 4,200 specialization bursaries," he added.
"The national health service is a precious stone and it is necessary to invest in this precious stone to make our country stronger".


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Data di pubblicazione: 14 May 2020 , ultimo aggiornamento 14 May 2020


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