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Premier Conte signs decree to kick off phase two: "If you love Italy, keep your distance"

Premier Giuseppe Conte announced that "phase two is starting, now it's time to live together with the virus" during a press conference from his office at Palazzo Chigi.

"The responsible conduct of every one of us will be fundamentally important," he said.

"One must never get too close, the safety distance must be at least one metre. "If we do not abide by the precautions, the (contagion) curve will go back up, deaths will increase and we will have irreversible damage for our economy. "If you love Italy, keep your distance," explained the premier after signing the decree of April 26, 2020 to gradually relax Italy's coronavirus lockdown.

The phase two that starts on May 4 will be adapted to how the contagion curve goes. Here are the main points of Italy’s next lockdown restrictions

Fixed price for masks
“On May 4th, the price for masks will be reduced and fixed at €0.50,” Conte announced.

Parks and garden are now allowed
The premier said:  "We are allowing access to public parks and gardens, but the security distances and precautions must be respected" and "We will allow people to return to their own domicile or residence (if they were previously unable to because of the lockdown)".

Anyone with a fever must stay at home by law
Everyone with a fever of 37,5  degrees or more must stay at home and contact their doctor.

Takeaway from restaurants now allowed
"From May 4 take away restaurant services are authorized. "It will be possible to enter (the restaurant) one at a time and the food must be consumed at home. "The reopening of companies is allowed on the condition that security protocols are respected.  Conte added: "There will be a security protocol for transport companies too.

Funerals are now allowed
Conte also gave the green light for funerals to have up to 15 people attending, but they can only be close relatives and all of them must wear masks and maintain social distancing. No other ceremonies or gatherings are permitted.

Open on May 18th
Premir Conte added that "on May 18 retail outlets will reopen as well as exhibitions, museums and team sport training sessions".

Minister Speranza and phase two 
In a message on Facebook, Health Minister Roberto Speranza gave thanks for the "sacrifices of the men and women of our country who are finally bringing down the contagion curve. "That is why we can start a new phase, with prudence, as of May 4. "Our guiding principle has been, and will always be, to protect people's health"  

"In the new phase, once again, a sense of responsibility is the key to winning this battle. "Together, we will do it".

Source: Ansa 

Data di pubblicazione: 27 April 2020 , ultimo aggiornamento 27 April 2020


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