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Covid-19, situation in Italy

Situation in Italy

Classification of Regions
(Last updated: March 28, 2022)

Regions and Autonomous Provinces are classified into four areas - red, orange, yellow and white - corresponding to three risk scenarios, for which specific restrictive measures are foreseen. 

The classification is based on ordinances issued by the Ministry of Health.

The Regions and Autonomous Provinces may adopt specific additional restrictive provisions, of a local nature, to which it is necessary to refer to the institutional information channels of the individual bodies.

The scenarios are described in the document Prevention and response to COVID-19: evolution of strategy and planning in the transition phase for the autumn-winter season.

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Archive of Regions monitoring

Daily report

All the processed data collected from various sources are published at the same time on the National Civil Protection Department's interactive:

  • Dashboard map
  • Daily data sheet (Covid-19 Cases update) with the aggregated number of daily cases from the regions/autonomous provinces;
  • Epidemiological-surveillance infographic (ISS Epidemiological Infographic) produced by the Higher Health Institute (ISS), with individual case data from positive tests diagnosed by the regions/autonomous provinces;

Mortality Report

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