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Global Mental Health Summit - Skills, rights, care

Data evento: 13 - 14 ottobre 2022


Global Mental Health Summit - Skills, rights, care
Rome, 13 - 14 ottobre 2022

Complesso Monumentale Santo Spirito in Sassia - Borgo S. Spirito, 3 - Rome (Italy)

Following the previous events in London, Amsterdam and Paris, the Global Mental Health Summit (GMHS) in Rome builds upon Italy’s internationally recognised leadership in community mental health and deinstitutionalisation.

The GMHS is shared with the World Health Organization and aims to pursue the ambitious roadmap, launched in London in 2018, by increasing mental health awareness, and commitment among policymakers and society.

Mental health is an essential component of crisis response and economic recovery efforts, therefore the implementation of national policies promoting inclusive rights-based and effective mental health systems is even more necessary.

The GMHS’ main objective is:

The main topics are:

They have been envisioned based on an overarching framework emphasising the human rights and dignity of people affected by mental health conditions.

Mental health should be regarded as an essential component in preparedness and response to emergencies such as those we are currently facing. In this context, prevention and intervention efforts should focus on addressing the needs of those mostly affected by crises. There is a critical need for adequately funded, properly staffed, and well-organised mental health services. The barriers to overcome include, among others, lack of funding and investment in mental health care and research, scarcity of skilled human resources, societal stigma and discrimination.

The GHMS will also highlight different capacity building strategies, such as the identification and sharing of good practices, including the new opportunities provided by digital mental health and other alternative initiatives developed during the recent pandemic. These strategies are instrumental to develop and strengthen the skills, abilities, processes, and resources that mental health services and communities need to effectively address the mental health needs of all people throughout their entire life.

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    We inform  that, for organizational reasons, the Countries and International Organizations invited to participate in the Global Mental Health Summit 2022, which have not yet indicated the DAO (Delegation Accreditation Officer) as a confirmation of their participation in the event, in Rome are invited to do it by the next 28 September. Otherwise it will be possible to participate only remotely upon request and with indication of the DAO on the same date.

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    Complesso Monumentale Santo Spirito in Sassia - Borgo S. Spirito, 3 - Rome (Italy) - Maps