The incidence rate, both throughout Italy and in all the regions and autonomous provinces, continues to fall and is below 50 cases per 100,000 people every 7 days in almost all the regions and autonomous provinces. Systematic tracing allows the pandemic to be managed by means of containment, i.e. identifying cases and tracing their contacts.

The pressure on hospital services is below the critical threshold in all regions/autonomous provinces and the estimated average Rt transmissibility indicator calculated on symptomatic cases remains stable and below the epidemic threshold.

An increasing number of outbreaks of variants of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, such as the Delta variant, which can be more transmissible and/or have the potential to partially evade immune responses, have also been reported in Italy.

The circulation of the Delta variant is causing an increase in cases in other European countries with high vaccination coverage; therefore, we should undertake extensive tracking and sequencing. We must achieve a high vaccination coverage and the completion of vaccination cycles to prevent further recurrences of episodes of increased circulation caused by emerging variants of the virus with greater transmissibility.

Based on ECDC data and forecasts, the existing outbreaks caused by the Delta variant in Italy and the current vaccination coverage, we must remain alert and continue to apply and comply with the necessary measures to prevent an increase in circulation of the virus.



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Data di pubblicazione: 28 giugno 2021, ultimo aggiornamento 28 giugno 2021


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