Over the week from December 14 to 20, 2020, a reversal of trend in the transmission index reported last week was confirmed throughout the country. This takes place in a European context characterised by a new increase in the number of cases in some European countries (e.g., in the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and Germany), a lack of decrease in cases with stabilisation of the epidemic curve in others (e.g., in France and Spain) and the appearance of viral variants reported as having a higher transmission potential.

Overall, the incidence in Italy remains extremely high, and the impact of the epidemic is still persistent in most parts of the country. Moreover, a Moderate or High risk of an uncontrolled and unmanageable epidemic continues to be detected in most Regions/PPAAs. This situation confirms the need to maintain the strict line of mitigation measures adopted during the Christmas holiday period.

The epidemic in Italy is still severe, due to a high impact on healthcare services. All Regions/PPAAs, except one, show a punctual Rt compatible with a type 1 scenario. The Veneto Region shows a punctual Rt compatible with a type 2 scenario and is at high risk for the third consecutive week with an extremely high incidence. This is a matter of particular concern, therefore once again the urgent implementation of the measures envisaged for such level of risk must be called for. The measures are included in the document 'Prevention of and response to Covid-19: strategy development and planning in the transition phase for the autumn-winter period' issued in the Memo of the Ministry of Health of 12/10/2020 Prot. 32732.


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Data di pubblicazione: 30 dicembre 2020, ultimo aggiornamento 30 dicembre 2020