Yesterday, December 3, a new ministerial decree - Dpcm was signed by the Prime Minister, Giuseppe Conte, to counter the spread of the new coronavirus throughout the country.

The provisions of the decree will come into force starting on  December 4 and will be in force until  January 15, 2021.

In summary, the main contents of the Decree are as follows:

Christmas Holidays

  • Starting  December 21, 2020,  until January 6, 2021 it is forbidden, within the national territory, to move in and out between the territories of different Regions or Autonomous Provinces. On December 25 and 26, 2020 and  January 1st, 2021 it will also be forbidden to move between municipalities. This is without prejudice to movements motivated by proven work needs or situations of need, or health reasons. It is always permitted to return to your own residence, domicile or dwelling with the exclusion of trips to holiday/second homes located in another Region or Autonomous Province. On  December 25 and 26, 2020 and  January 1st, 2021, it will also not be possible to reach any holiday/second home located in another Municipality; 
  • The curfew from 10pm to 5am is confirmed. On New Year's Eve it will be extended until 7am, January 1st, 2021;
  • Italians going abroad for tourism from  December 21, to  January 6, must undergo a mandatory quarantine upon their return. Foreign tourists arriving in Italy during the same period will also have to undergo  a mandatory quarantine.
  • Until 6 January 2021, retail business will be permitted until 9 p.m. On holidays and pre-holidays days, all stores located in markets and shopping centres, shopping malls, shopping parks, business combinations and other similar structures will be closed, with the exception of pharmacies, para-pharmacies, health centres, food shops, agricultural and floricultural products, tobacconists and newsagents;
  • From 6 p.m. on  December 31, 2020 until 7 a.m. on  January 1st, 2020, any catering service in hotels and other accommodation facilities will only be permitted through room service.

Restaurant/catering activities
Catering services (including bars, pubs, restaurants, ice-cream parlours, pastry shops) are allowed from 5.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m.; consumption at the table is allowed for a maximum of four people per table, unless they all live together; after 6.00 p.m. it is forbidden to consume food and drinks in public places. Home delivery is always permitted, in compliance with the current health and hygiene regulations, for both packaging and transport. Take-away services are allowed until 10.00 p.m., with a ban on consumption on site or nearby.

Teaching and educational activities and services for children continues to be carried out fully in-presence in pre-schools and all primary schools/ first cycle of education.

From  January 7, 2021for secondary schoolsin-presence teaching activities must be guaranteed to the 75% of the student population.

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