The report of the Control Room-Cabina di regia number 28 for the period November 16 - 22 shows that the speed of transmission of the epidemic in Italy is slowing down and has reached Rt levels close to 1 in many Regions/PAs. Moreover, for the first time in many weeks, the incidence (ISS flow data) calculated in the last 14 days has decreased at national level.
These data are encouraging and indicate the impact of the mitigation measures implemented over the past few weeks, but they are accompanied by a slight increase in hospitalizations in the medical and intensive care areas. The pressure on hospital services is still very high, and overall is not regressing.

However, the impact is still too high to allow sustainable management and containment. Therefore, it is necessary to reach levels of transmissibility significantly lower than 1 allowing a rapid decrease in the number of new cases of infection and, consequently, a reduced pressure on local health services and hospitals.

Ten Regions/PAs are still classified as High Risk or equivalent to High Risk, of these, 9 have been classified as High Risk and/or equivalent to High Risk for 3 or more consecutive weeks.

This trend should not lead to a hasty reduction of measures or lowering the guard on behaviour.

The need to maintain a substantial reduction in physical interactions between people is confirmed. It is essential that the population avoids all opportunities for contact with people outside their own homes that are not strictly necessary and stay at home as much as possible. It remains essential to avoid any events leading to assembly which, would again lead to a rapid increase in the number of new cases.

It is still mandatory to adopt strict individual behaviour and comply with the hygiene and health measures provided for, including the correct use of masks. The need to respect the measures recommended by the health authorities is reiterated, including the quarantine measures of close contact with any established cases and isolation of the cases themselves.

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Data di pubblicazione: 1 dicembre 2020, ultimo aggiornamento 1 dicembre 2020