The phenomenon of 'excess deaths' seen at the peak of the coronavirus emergency stopped in Italy in May, the Higher Health Institute (ISS) and national statistics agency ISTAT have said dramatic.

"The dramatic 'excess of mortality' registered in the months of March and April 2020 ended in May thanks to the non-pharmacological preventative measures enforced," said the third ISS-ISTAT Report on total deaths and the deaths of COVID-19-positive individuals regarding the month of May.

Slight drop

The Report said deaths at the national level were slightly down in May with respect for the average for the month registered in the 2015-2019 period.

It said only areas where the epidemic continues to be widespread had a slight excess mortality rate in May (3.9%).

Mortality rate higher among men

The COVID-19 epidemic continues to hit women more, but the mortality rate is higher among men, the report said, analysing the data up to the end of May.

It also confirmed that the coronavirus has a much lower incidence among children.

"The prevalence of female cases (54.2%) and the average age of the cases (60-64 years) remains unchanged," it said.

"1% of COVID-19 cases (3,150) were diagnosed in the 0-14 age range and 33% in the over.75 age range: in this latter age range, women account for 61%, in part because of the net prevalence of females in this segment of the population".



Report ISS-Istat

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Data di pubblicazione: 10 luglio 2020, ultimo aggiornamento 10 luglio 2020


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