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116117, the European non-emergency call number

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116117, the European non-emergency call number

What is 116117?

116117 is the single European number for accessing non-urgent medical assistance and other low-intensity/low-priority local health services.

This communication tool is available to all citizens without any pre-registration requirements, but it cannot be called from a blocked mobile phone as it is not an emergency number.

It is staffed by Italian-speaking and English-speaking operators.

116117 is a speed-dial number that does not require a prefix. Calls may be made from a landline or mobile number, with no time limit, free of charge.

The organisational structure of the service in Italy may vary from region to region.


The number is currently being rolled out in some areas in the Lombardy, Sardinia, Piedmont and Lazio regions and in the autonomous province of Trento, where authorisation for the number has already been granted and where it will thus be available once it is operational.


The number provides all citizens with 24-hour access to uninterrupted non-urgent medical assistance and advice. It also acts as a link with the out-of-hours and emergency assistance service.

Services offered

The number provides access to the following services:

  •  operational response with transfer of the call:
    • non-urgent medical services and/or advice during the opening hours of the out-of-hours service
    • identification and transfer of requests for urgent medical assistance to 118 (118 is the reference telephone number for all types of medical assistance to people who are victims of illness or accidents of any kind. It is free of charge and available 24/7. It should only be called in cases where there is a risk to life or limb)
    • means of access to GP/primary care paediatrician even if difficult to locate
    • non-urgent medical advice before the start and after the end of the out-of-hours service, with transfer to 118, if necessary.

  • information; possibly also operational response with transfer of the call:
    • means of access to medical services for people not resident locally.

  • other services may be delivered by the Italian regional authorities as per the State-Regions Agreement of 24 November 2016


The service is available 24/7.

Role of the Ministry of Health

The Italian Ministry of Health coordinates and supports the regional authorities during roll-out.

Regional authorities may request, within a regional programme, activation of the 116117 service in accordance with the requirements laid down in the State-Regions Agreement of 24 November 2016.

The number was set up by the European Union and Member States were asked to take the necessary measures for activation through two Decisions.

Relevant legislation

Decision on reserving the national numbering range beginning with 116 for harmonised numbers
for harmonised services of social value – Published in OJ EC L 49/30 of 17 February 2007

Decision amending Decision 2007/116/EC as regards the introduction of additional reserved numbers beginning with 116 – Published in OJ EC L 317/46 of 3 December 2009

Understanding, within the meaning of Article 8(6) of Italian Law No 131 of 5 June 2003, between the State, the Regions and the Autonomous Provinces of Trento and Bolzano regarding the new Health Pact for 2014-2016

Adoption of the new numbering plan for the telecommunications sector and implementing regulations, amending and extending the numbering plan pursuant to decision No 52/12/cir

Agreement, pursuant to Article 5(12) of the Understanding of 10 July 2014 (Doc. Ref. No 82/CSR) ‘Health Pact 2014-2016’, between the State, the Regions and the Autonomous Provinces of Trento and Bolzano on the ‘Guidelines on the criteria and procedures for activation of the harmonised European number with social value 116117’

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