AUXOLOGICOordinarioGenome-wide association and copy number variation analysis of sporadic amyotrophic lateral sclerosis400.000,00
AUXOLOGICOordinarioGenome-wide association study to identify novel risk loci for severe obesity300.000,00
BIETTIordinarioBiomarkers of inflammation and innate immunity in diabetic retinopathy400.000,00
BIETTIordinarioRole of amyloid beta peptide (A-b) and its receptor, the RAGE, on the induction and progression of the age-related macular degeneration (AMD).395.000,00
BURLO GAROFALOordinarioDilatative cardiomyopathy and gluten dependent autoimmunity265.000,00
CARLO BESTAordinarioAn integrated approach to tackle Motor Neuron Diseases: molecular diagnosis, common pathogenic mechanisms, innovative therapeutic strategies290.000,00
CARLO BESTAordinarioMitochondrial Disorders: from medical genetics to molecular mechanisms, toward the development of therapeutic strategies400.000,00
CARLO BESTAordinarioWeb Integrated Information System for the management of clinical and research activities in the field of the neuroscience and the implementation of individual electronic health record400.000,00
CARLO BESTAstrategicoMalattia di alzheimer: sviluppo e validazione di un protocollo multifattoriale per la diagnosi e il monitoraggio della fase prodromica e incipiente; valutazione delle implicazioni assistenziali, organizzative ed economiche del suo trasferimento nella2.000.000,00
CASA SOLLIEVO SOFFERENZAordinarioThe role of PTX3 gene snps (single nucleotide polymorphisms) in suceptibility to acute myocardial infarction347.700,00
DON GNOCCHIordinarioAccess equity and qualitative standard of rehabilitation in Rare Diseases: pilot study in Charcot Marie Tooth disease. Evaluation of the current rehabilitation practice, development of a national network for the standardisation of rehabilitation and asses400.000,00
FATEBENEFRATELLIordinarioInnovative strategies for depression treatment: novel pharmacological targets and preclinical studies for the personalization of therapy400.000,00
GALEAZZIordinarioDevelopment of Biocompatible Hydrogels Engineered as Cell and Bioactive Factor Carriers for Improving Osseointegration of Biomedical Implants281.000,00
GALEAZZIordinarioInfluence of the pre-inflammatory state on the morphological and functional features of hasc (human Adipose-derived Stem Cells) isolated from severe obese patients in relation to their potential use in musculo-skeletal tissue engineering299.000,00
GASLINIordinarioEarly onset obesity in children: role of inflammation in the development insulin resistance400.280,00
GASLINIordinarioEstablishment of a GMP validated Biobank of Effector Lymphocytes specific for opportunistic pathogens and the adoptive cell therapy in haematopoietic stem cell transplantation399.720,00
GASLINIstrategicoIdentificazione e studio di fattori di rischio per la prevenzione, la diagnosi e la cura della morbilità e mortalità materna e infantile2.600.000,00
HUMANITASordinarioCharacterization of phenotype, functions and trafficking of Natural Killer cells in human liver: an unknown paradigm in human physiopathology290.000,00
HUMANITASordinarioMolecular phenotypes of colorectal-cancer as potential prognostic markers. A joint study of genetic instability, cancer stemcells, immune response, and epidermal-tomesenchimal transition350.000,00
I.E.O.ordinarioGenetic and pathological dissection of the DNA damage response induced by the Myc oncogene and of its role in tumor suppression530.000,00
I.E.O.ordinarioIdentification and isolation of normal and tumoral lung stem cells as a tool for the definition of new therapeutic strategies in lung cancer390.000,00
I.E.O.ordinarioInvestigations on molecular pathways involved in mammary gland morphogenesis and role of their functional subversion in human breast carcinogenesis450.000,00
I.E.O.ordinarioStudy of the mechanisms of resistance to Herceptin in metastatic Breast cancer patients: implications for therapy350.000,00
I.O.V.ordinarioVaccination with a chimeric dna plasmid coding for erb-b2: preclinical studies and phase i/ii clinical trial in patients with locally advanced head-and-neck tumors520.000,00
ISTITUTO DERMOPATICO IMMACOLATAordinarioInnate and adaptive immunity in psoriasis: new molecular targets for diagnosis and therapy290.000,00
ISTITUTO DERMOPATICO IMMACOLATAordinarioMolecular and cellular mechanisms in the pathophysiology of diabetic foot ulcers530.000,00
ISTITUTO DERMOPATICO IMMACOLATAordinarioRole of p63 in epidermal differentiation program of normal skin and in EEC-like syndromes400.000,00
ISTITUTO DI RIPOSO E CURA PER ANZIANIstrategicoModelli Riabilitativi Multi-disciplinari: i nuovi "farmaci" per il paziente anziano con scompenso cardiaco cronico1.800.000,00
ISTITUTO TUMORI GENOVAordinarioInnovative therapeutic models for the treatment of hematological malignancies400.000,00
ISTITUTO TUMORI MILANOstrategicoCostruire un sistema di competenze integrate per migliorare la Sicurezza in Chemioterapia1.600.000,00
MAGGIOREordinarioInhibitor development in previously untreated patients (pup) with severe haemophilia a exposed to von willebrand factor-containing plasma-derived factor viii and to recombinant factor viii concentrates: an international, multicentre, prospective, controll400.000,00
MAUGERIordinarioGenetic markers of susceptibility to sudden cardiac death in inherited arrhythmogenic diseases: from targeted SNP analysis to genome-wide screening457.500,00
MAUGERIordinarioMultiple Approaches for Improving the Diagnosis, Assessment and Treatment of Patients Affected by Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis. A clinical and experimental study290.000,00
MAUGERIordinarioReal exposure to xenobiotics in an italian population group and risk characterization400.000,00
MEDEAordinarioJuvenile and perinatal stroke:population genetic analysis for the identification of pathogenic alleles and predisposing factors299.998,00
MEDEAordinarioMolecular bases of the early and juvenile onset forms of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis underlying the clinical heterogeneity and slow progression in these forms of motor neuron disease400.000,00
MEDEAstrategicoLa salute mentale nel bambino e nell'adolescente: dai fattori di rischio biologico e psicosociale, agli indicatori precoci e di carico familiare, per lo sviluppo di modelli di prevenzione ed intervento evidence-based dei disturbi mentali gravi2.000.000,00
MONDINOordinarioClinical, mri, neurophysiological, immunological and virological findings in infectious and post/parainfectious demyelinating diseases of the central nervous system376.300,00
MONZINOordinarioA two step protocol for infarcted myocardium repair by engineered bone marrow progenitors and cardiac mesangioblasts420.000,00
MONZINOordinarioInsulin Resistance and Coronary Disease: insights into inflammation, thrombosis and metabolic syndromes290.000,00
MULTIMEDICAordinarioThe diabetic foot: relevance of vascular progenitor cells as a prognostic marker of mortality and disease progression465.000,00
MULTIMEDICAordinarioThe role of myopalladin in human dilated myopathy and limb girdle muscular dystrophy425.000,00
NEUROLESIordinarioImplementation of endogenous neurogenesis and gliogenesis via the purinergic system: a new strategy to repair acute neurodegenerative diseases400.000,00
NEUROMEDordinarioDevelopment of new strategies against neuroinflammatory processes associated with neurodegenerative diseases: a focus on amyotrophic lateral sclerosis and Huntington's disease designing novel therapeutic roads through neurotoxicity and neuroprotection311.491,00
NEUROMEDordinarioEfficacy of lithium in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis: clinical trials and advanced basic knowledge390.000,00
NEUROMEDordinarioNovel combined molecular and stem cell therapeutical approach to treat heart failure525.000,00
NEUROMEDordinarioNovel molecular targets for the treatment of brain tumors395.580,00
OASI MARIA S.S.ordinarioGenomic structural variation studies in mentally retarded and normal individuals in Italy290.000,00
OSPEDALE BAMBINO GESU'ordinarioCongenital muscular dystrophies: protocols for clinical and molecular diagnosis, and advances in pathogenesis305.500,00
PASCALEordinarioNovel approaches to improve erbb targeting therapies520.000,00
REGINA ELENAordinarioCentrosomes and centrosome-associated regulatory proteins in genome maintenance and in the DNA damage response400.000,00
REGINA ELENAordinarioMelanoma and integrated chip technologies: identification of novel prognosticators and (immuno)therapeutic protocols500.000,00
RIZZOLIordinarioItalian netowork for skeletal dysplasia. Integrated treatmet of the patient302.300,00
RIZZOLIordinarioTissue engineering in osteoarticular disease: basic and clinical evaluation506.000,00
SAN DONATOordinarioPathogenesis and therapy of heart failure: innovative approaches in the postgenomic era395.000,00
SAN GALLICANOordinarioClinical, molecular and biological predictors for the management of psoriasis patients: effects on the quality of life490.000,00
SAN MATTEOordinarioUsefullness of early evaluation of patients with recent onset rheumatoid arthritis: a multidisciplinary approach200.000,00
SAN RAFFAELE MONTE TABORordinarioA prospective immunological, virological and genetic study of humoral and cellular immune correlates of protection and crossprotection against influenza in heath care workers and hiv-positive individuals300.000,00
SAN RAFFAELE MONTE TABORordinarioBiomarkers identification in Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis and development of related computational methods520.000,00
SAN RAFFAELE MONTE TABORordinarioEvaluation of implant-prosthodontics rehabilitations in disability, special needs and low socio-economical condition patients400.000,00
SAN RAFFAELE MONTE TABORordinarioItalian Network of Genetic Isolates (INGI): identification of genetic and environmental risk factors for obesity400.000,00
SAN RAFFAELE MONTE TABORordinarioNew Strategies for the induction of immunological tolerance to allogeneic blood products505.000,00
SAN RAFFAELE MONTE TABORordinarioOptimization of pre-clinical models of cell therapy for muscular dystrophy400.000,00
SAN RAFFAELE MONTE TABORordinarioPrep1 and p160mbp are novel targets in body fat regulation and type ii diabetes? Molecular studies, pathological and clinical relevance510.000,00
SAN RAFFAELE PISANAordinarioRole of recurrent herpetic infections in neuronal damage400.000,00
SANTA LUCIAordinarioDepressive features in medical (neurological and oncological) patients recruited in the general medical setting: reliability of diagnostic criteria, predictive role of biological markers, and effect of treatment with antidepressants400.000,00
SANTA LUCIAstrategicoDai meccanismi patogenetici agli indicatori di malattia ed allo sviluppo di procedure terapeutiche e gestionali nella malattia di Parkinson2.200.000,00
SDNordinarioIdentification of vulnerability factors and pharmacological therapy of neuronal loss in Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis in human and transgenic animals520.000,00
SDNordinarioInterventions to ensure equity of access to diagnostic prodecure in solitary pulmonary nodule520.000,00
SDNordinarioMolecular genetics of inborn errors of metabolism: the case of hereditary fructose intolerance and hyperphenylalaninemia394.000,00
SDNordinarioRegulation of gene expression in adipose tissue from extremely obese subjects before and after bariatric surgery and possible clinical-therapeutical applications400.000,00
SPALLANZANIordinarioDelayed diagnosis and presentation to care for tuberculosis and HIV infection: analysis of determinants and evaluation of strategies to improve timely access to care396.000,00
SPALLANZANIordinarioThe role of the autophagic process in the pathogenesis of tuberculosis: from bench to bedside400.000,00

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