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The Italian National Contact Point (NCP) is instituted at the Ministry of Health to provide patients with information to facilitate their access to cross-border healthcare within the European Union.

Anybody registered with the Italian SSN may request information to the Italian National Contact Point pertaining to:

  • Authorizations (conditions and procedures)
  • Refundable Care
  • Terms, conditions and procedures for reimbursement of costs
  • Complaint procedures to file an appeal with the administrative or judicial authorities, to resolve disputes in the event of refusal  in providing authorizations and/or reimbursements
  • The Information to be included in prescriptions issued in an EU State so that they can be recognized in all other EU states.

People who are assisted by the health system of another EU country, may request the above information to the National Contact Point of that country.

Information regarding the following topics may be requested to the Italian NCP, directly or through other NCPs:

  • Standards and guidelines about quality and safety in the Italian Health System
  • Health-care providers (health care professionals, hospitals and other treatment centers) practicing in Italy, also regarding their authorization to provide services, and any restrictions pertaining to their practice
  • Italian accessibility to hospitals for people with disabilities
  • Patients' rights in Italy
  • Complaint procedures and other mechanisms for seeking remedies , as well as the legal and administrative options available to resolve disputes in Italy, even in the event of harm arising from cross-border healthcare

The relevant information relating to the health systems of other EU countries, can be requested to the competent National Contact Points, directly or through the Italian National Contact Point.

People assisted by the health system of any country in the European Union is entitled to

obtain directly from all healthcare providers practicing  in EU specific information about the cares they provide, such as:

  • treatment options (types of treatment available for a specific disease)
  • availability of care (e.g. waiting lists)
  • quality and safety of health care provided
  • healthcare prices, detailed and intelligible
  • registration or authorization to provide health care services
  • insurance or other means of protection available to reduce professional liability in case of damage

The health care providers are also required to issue clearly itemized bills



If you have not found answers to your questions or you are not satisfied with the answers provided by reading the other pages of this area, you may contact the Italian National Contact Point

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