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Flights from Bangladesh suspended after COVID-19 cases


Health Minister Roberto Speranza on Tuesday suspended flights from Bangladesh after a spike in coronavirus cases among the Bangladeshi community in Rome caused by arrivals from their homeland. 

The number of cases on a flight from Dakha Monday has now risen to 21. Flights have been suspended for a week, during which the minister said new precautionary measures for extra-Schengen and extra-EU arrivals would be drafted. Speranza said quarantine from those countries had been confirmed but "after all the sacrifices we have made we cannot afford to import infections from abroad".

He said "it is better to continue to follow the line of maximum prudence". He said the flights had been suspended after the "significant increase detected on yesterday's flight from Bangladesh".

(Source: Ansa)

Data di pubblicazione: 7 luglio 2020 , ultimo aggiornamento 7 luglio 2020


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