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Conference - Presentation of the Report on the Health Status of Country (RSSP) 2012-2013
Rome, 18 dicembre 2014
Auditorium, Ministero della Salute - Lungotevere Ripa, 1

This event represents the occasion, for the Italian Minister of Health, to present the Report on the Health Status in Italy to national and international institutions and to the media. The reports refers to the years 2012-2013.

The Report on the Health Status in Italy is the most important document in the institutional communication of Italian public health. Through its publication, the minister of Health provides the Parliament, and consequently the citizens, with a periodic information on the health status of the population and on the implementation of health policies, in line with the provisions of national legislation.

Moreover, the Report represents an organic tool for the assessment of the activities that the Italian National Health System carries out to promote health and re-organize healthcare networks, placing patient in the centre of an integrated care system.

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Dr.Cristina Tamburini


Tel: +39 06 5994 2964

Ministry of Health, Directorate-general of  digitalization, health informative system and statistics

5, Viale Giorgio Ribotta - 00144 Rome

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Data evento: 18 dicembre 2014, fine evento: 18 dicembre 2014