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Conference - Neurodevelopmental disorders, with specific reference to communication and language disorders in developmental age and to autistic disorders
Rome, 17 dicembre 2014
Aula Pocchiari, Istituto Superiore di Sanità - 299, Viale Regina Elena

The neurodevelopmental disorders include a wide variety of diagnostic categories such are intellectual disabilities, language disorders, autism spectrum disorders, learning disorders, attention deficit and hyperactivity disorders. Moreover, communication problems may be the only symptomatological "core" of a person and therefore a differential diagnosis is substantial for the diagnostic accuracy and for the choice of an appropriate therapeutic approach. These disorders, for some of which in the last decade an increased has been reported, results in a high sanitary, social and economic burden.

To foster people affected by these disorders’ integration and the amelioration of the quality of life, Member states shall promote early diagnosis, rehabilitative interventions, family supports, training for the health workers and educators.


In collaboration with: National Health Institute (ISS)

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Dr. Maria Luisa Scattoni


Tel: +39 06 49903104

Mob.: +393478155138

National Institute of Health, department of cell biology and neurosciences

299, Viale Regina Elena  – 00161 Rome

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Data evento: 17 dicembre 2014, fine evento: 17 dicembre 2014