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2nd Annual Joint Action Conference - The Health Workforce Planning and Forecasting
Rome, 4 - 5 dicembre 2014
Auditorium of the Ministry of Health - 5, Viale Giorgio Ribotta

According to an estimate from the European Commission, supported by additional evaluation of WHO, Europe expects a shortage of 1.000.000 health workers by 2020. The general objective of this action is a platform for collaboration and exchange between Member States to prepare the future of the HWF.

The conference will focus on the implementation of planning process within Member States, Regions and Competent Authorities and on the concept of co-operation among Member States, in order to improve the planning of HWF, starting collaborations with other European programs.

In collaboration with: National Agency for Regional Health Services                              

Organizzazione e Info


Dr. Daniela Parisi


National Agency for Regional Health Services

23, Via Puglie - 00187 Rome

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Data evento: 4 dicembre 2014, fine evento: 5 dicembre 2014