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Workshop - Interaction between the national and local dimension: the development of health policies
Bruxelles, 6 - 7 novembre 2014
Committee of the Regions /European Economic and Social Committee, Jacques Delors Building, 99 - Rue Belliard

The European context opens up opportunities and challenges to the Regions, and a direct  dialogue between European and Regional institutions is a need called for European institutions. This event aims at examining what kind of relation exists between the European and the Regional institutions, with a particular attention to the role played by Regions in developing health policies and to the collaboration and synergies implemented between Regions and national Government in this field.

In particular, the Workshop will consider some good practices implemented both in Italy and other European countries, aiming at identify which elements are characterizing the National-Regional collaboration and the strategies of interaction with the European Union, as well as at developing possible scenarios of evolution of models examinated.


In collaboration with: International "Mattoni" Project

Organizzazione e Info


Dr. Lisa Leonardini


Tel: +39 0421 1799805

ULSS No 10 "Veneto Orientale"

5, Piazza De Gasperi

30027 - San Donà di Piave (VE)


Dr. Eena Val


Tel: +39 041 2794810

Progetto Mattone Internazionale - Brussels,

67, Avenue de Tervuren- 1040 Brussels

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Data evento: 6 novembre 2014, fine evento: 7 novembre 2014