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4th International Conference - Bluetongue and other Orbivirus diseases
Rome, 5 - 7 novembre 2014
Auditorium of the Ministry of Health - 5, Viale Giorgio Ribotta

Bluetongue and other animal diseases caused by Orbivirus remain a priority and sometimes an emergency for the Veterinary Services and the livestock industry.

In order to guarantee a fre trade of animals and related products, the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE) and the World Bank (WB) included these diseases among those that may need more attention and investments by enhancing food safety.

Organizzazione e Info


Dr. Pier Giuseppe Facelli


Tel: +39 06 5994 6613

Ministry of Health, General secretariat

5, Viale Giorgio Ribotta - 00144 Rome

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Data evento: 5 novembre 2014, fine evento: 7 novembre 2014