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Ministerial Conference - Health in the Mediterranean
Rome, 27 - 28 ottobre 2014
Concluding remarks

The conference intends to address five issues on public health in order to promote progress, health and stability of the countries bordering the Mediterranean:

  1. International Health Regulation
  2. Antimicrobial Resistance
  3. Lifestyle
  4. Health and Migration
  5. MoH PH projects in the Mediterranean area

The Conference will offer the occasion to promote the leading role of Italy, both within the context of relationships with the countries of the Euro-Mediterranean basin and with a view to solidarity and strengthening of partnership activities and shared growth of the health systems in the Euro-Mediterranean area.

The Euro-Mediterranean projects, promoted and financed by the Ministry of Health, have hitherto been a virtuous model of how to implement international cooperation partnership.They are able to create a network of technical and political relationships among subjects despite they belong to different social realities. The common purpose is to improve the level of healthcare service offered by the national systems.

In collaboration with: European Commission - Directorate General for Health and Consumer Protection

Organizzazione e Info


Dr. Pasqualino Rossi


Tel: +39 06 5994 3636

Ministry of Health, Directorate-general of communication  and of european and international relations

5, Viale Giorgio Ribotta- 00144 Rome

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Data evento: 27 ottobre 2014, fine evento: 28 ottobre 2014