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Conference - Innovation systems and prospects of health
Milan, 21 - 22 settembre 2014
Milan Congress Centre (MiCo) – 1, Piazzale Carlo Magno

The conference aims at highlighting the currently ongoing initiatives to support the development of innovative medicines and making patient’s access to new treatments easier and more rapid.

This conference stems from the need to collect and offer a comprehensive presentation of all initiatives undertaken in this area by the EU institutions, through the work programmes of the European Medicines Agency (EMA) ,the IMI projects of the European Commission, the work carried out by DG Enterprise on orphan drugs, as well as the developments in the use of instruments of Health Technology Assessment (HTA) for the evaluation of the relative effictiveness of medicinal products.

In collaboration with: Italian Medicines Agency

Organizzazione e Info

Dr. Gabriella Conti

Dr. Paolo Daniele Siviero

Dr. Giorgia Viceconte
Tel.+39 06 5978 4117
Italian Medicines Agency
181, Via del Tritone - 00187 Rome

Data evento: 21 settembre 2014, fine evento: 22 settembre 2014