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Ministerial Conference - Women's health: a life-course approach
Rome, 2 - 3 ottobre 2014
Auditorium, Ministry of Health - Viale Giorgio Ribotta 5

The Ministerial Conference on "Women's health: a life-course approach" will take place on 2-3 October 2014 in Rome, under the auspices of the Italian Presidency of the Council of the European Union.

Policies for promoting the health of women across their lifespan represent actions aimed at improving the health of the entire population. This event will be an opportunity to discuss, compare and share experiences on this issue among the 28 Member States in order to improve prevention, diagnosis and treatment strategies.

According to the principle of "promoting health in all policies", during the Conference debates will be focus on four main topics concerning women's health:

  • lifestyles
  • sexual health
  • reproductive health
  • female cancers

These topics play in fact a fundamental role in terms of actions for the promotion of women's health and primary and secondary prevention of adverse outcomes.

Each session will be introduced by an opening keynote speaker on the topic’s state of the art within the EU framework. The Session will continue  with two in-depth speeches, to focus on some relevant aspects of each of the four topics. A guided discussion will follow with scheduled brief interventions of Ministers or their delegates representatives on the implementation of policies in their own Country.

The Conference will start on Thursday 2nd at 9 a.m. with the First Session dedicated to lifestyles, with in-depth speeches on “Physical activity during different stages of a woman's life” and “Diet and nutrition for women during different stages of life”, and then we will continue through the afternoon with the Second Session dedicated to sexual health, with in-depth speeches on “Sexually transmitted infections” and “Endometriosis and sexual pain”.

On Friday 3rd we will discuss on reproductive health, with in-depth speeches on “Preconception Health” and “Pregnancy, childbirth and puerperium”. In the afternoon we will discuss on female cancer, with in-depth speeches on “Screening as an opportunity to promote woman's health” and “Infertility Prevention among oncology patients”.


Working languages will be English and Italian; simultaneous interpretation will be provided.






The Conference is upon invitation.

Additional requests could be sent to


Organizzazione e Info

General Directorate of Prevention 
Unit X - Woman health

Dr. Serena Battilomo
tel. +39.06.5994 2588 - 3196 - 2878

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Data evento: 2 ottobre 2014, fine evento: 3 ottobre 2014