On June 18 Health minister Roberto Speranza visited IRMB, the pharmaceutical research group that controls Advent, a vaccines division that, together with Oxford University's Jenner Institute, has developed and is producing doses for the clinical trials on the Anticovid19 candidate vaccine that are currently taking place.

The AstraZeneca multinational has signed protocols for the production and distribution of this candidate vaccine with several countries all over the world.

"Today I met the management and the female and male researchers of IRMB, the Italian company that is working in collaboration with the University of Oxford on the testing of the vaccine against COVID-19," explained the minister.

"Only a safe, effective vaccine can take us out of the emergency.  "We are proud of our scientists and of the excellence of Italian research" minister Speranza added.

Source: Ansa 

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Data di pubblicazione: 19 giugno 2020, ultimo aggiornamento 19 giugno 2020


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