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How to obtain it

How to obtain it

To apply for the Iubilaeum Misericordiae - First Aid Pass, pilgrims must complete an online form (available in Italian, English, Spanish and French) on the web portal of the Italian Ministry of Health. In completing this form, they will provide information about personal data, travel dates and an e-mail address; at the end, they will be able to pay - by credit card only - the voluntary contribution. Once the payment is successfully processed, the First Aid Pass (Annex 1) will be ready to print; a copy of it will also be sent to the e-mail address provided. The pass will include an identification number, all the information provided in the form and the number of the payment transaction. To receive emergency healthcare, pilgrims must present the First Aid Pass with their passport to Italian National Health Service hospitals (public and private accredited).

Eligible pilgrims

Pilgrims planning to come to Italy to participate in the 2015-2016 extraordinary Jubilee can apply for the First Aid Pass, prior to their departure. Pilgrims registered with the National Health Service of some countries do not need to apply for the First Aid Pass (link).

Important: payment of the contribution does not replace any legally required health insurance policy. The First Aid Pass is only valid in Italy.


On it's possible to complete the form.

Arrival and departure dates must be between 8 December 2015 and 20 November 2016. The form must be completed on a date prior to arrival in Italy.

The information required to complete the online form is as follows:

a) First name

b) Surname

c) Date of birth

d) Gender

e) Country of residence

f) Citizenship

g) E-mail address

h) Passport number

i) Passport expiry date

j) Visa number (optional)

k) Arrival date

l) Departure date

In addition, pilgrims - by selecting the appropriate checkboxes - will have to:

  • Authorize the processing of their personal data (according to the Italian legislative decree No. 196 of 2003)
  • Self-certify - pursuant to article 47 of the Decree of the President of the Republic of 28 December 2000, No. 445 -  that they are coming to Italy in order to participate in the Jubilee.

Parents with minors registered on their passports can use the same passport number to insert their children’s data.

What it covers

Presenting the First Aid Pass, pilgrims will be entitled to emergency healthcare in Italian National Health Service hospitals (public and private accredited) free of charge for the duration of their stay in Italy for the Jubilee of Mercy.

Emergency healthcare is defined as care that cannot be postponed without danger to life or prejudice to human health.

To receive emergency healthcare, pilgrims should go directly to hospital emergency departments (called “Pronto Soccorso” in Italian) or, in the most serious cases, call the number 118 for medical emergencies in order to request intervention. Access to emergency healthcare (hospital emergency departments and emergency number 118) is guaranteed 24 hours a day.

Pilgrims will, however, be charged for any treatment not deemed urgent by the hospital emergency department, despite having paid the contribution for the First Aid Pass.

The First Aid Pass does not entitle pilgrims to any healthcare free of charge - including medicines and medical devices – that is necessary but not urgent (i.e. usual care for known and preexisting chronic diseases).

The First Aid Pass is only valid in Italy. It is personal and not transferable, thus it can also be requested for minors.

Important: pilgrims who opt not to pay the contribution will be liable for the full fee for any healthcare received, and may claim afterwards for reimbursement from their health insurance provider.

Issue time

The First Aid Pass will be released after completing the on-line form, as soon as payment by credit card is processed.


The First Aid Pass costs 50 euros, plus a 1 euro commission (for a total of 51 euros). Under no circumstance will the contribution paid be reimbursed.

Important: the voluntary contribution does not replace any legally required health insurance policy.

Payment modalities

Payment can only be made by credit card (not necessarily in the pilgrim’s name).

How it is issued

At the end of the online procedure, you will be able to print the First Aid Pass; a copy of it will also be sent as a pdf file to the e-mail address provided when completing the form, enabling you to save it on a mobile device (smartphone, tablet).

In case of loss of the First Aid Pass, you will be able to retrieve it at the e-mail address provided when completing the online form; otherwise, you can ask for it to be reprinted or sent again to your e-mail address through the “Holy See Pilgrim Reception Centre” of the Vatican, in Via della Concilazione.

For further information:  you can write an e-mail in Italian, English, Spanish or French specifying the country in which you are registered with the National Health System or are covered by health insurance; please, do not include attachments or links (for security reasons, e-mails with attachments or links will be deleted, and thus they will not be answered).

Publication date: 11 december 2015
First Aid Pass The Jubilee ended on 20 November 2016 - THE ONLINE FORM IS NO LONGER ACTIVE
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