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Natinal contact point

The Italian National Contact Point (NCP), established at the Ministry of Health, provides patients with information to facilitate access to cross-border healthcare within the European Union. For information, write to the NCP using the online form.

Information you can request if you are covered by the Italian Health Service

If you are registered with the Italian health service, you can ask the Italian National Contact Point for information on:

  • authorisations (conditions and procedures)
  • what types of treatment are reimbursable
  • terms, conditions and procedures for costs reimbursement
  • how to appeal, through administrative or judicial channels if you have been denied authorisation or reimbursement
  • the details to be included in medical prescriptions issued in another Member State to be accepted in Italy and vice versa

If you are covered by another country’s health service

If you are covered by the Health Service of another EU country you can obtain the information listed above from the National Contact Point of that country.

You can ask the Italian Contact Point for information on:

  • the Italian healthcare system and how quality, safety, and compliance with national standards are ensured   
  • the healthcare providers (healthcare professionals, hospitals and other treatment centres) operating in Italy including their authorisation to provide treatments and any restrictions on them
  • accessibility of Italian hospitals for persons with disabilities
  • patients’ rights in Italy
  • complaint procedures and other mechanisms for seeking remedies (appeals and redress procedures), as well as the legal and administrative avenues available in Italy to resolve disputes including if you incurred harm from cross-border healthcare.

National Contact Points in other EU countries

Information about the health systems of other EU countries can be obtained from the respective National contact points, either directly or through the Italian National Contact Point.

Moreover, persons covered by the health system of any EU Member State can also obtain directly from all healthcare providers operating in the EU specific information on the treatment they provide, including:

  • treatment options (types of treatment available for a given disease)
  • availability of healthcare (e.g. waiting lists)
  • quality and safety of the healthcare they provide
  • detailed and clear tariffs and fees for their healthcare services
  • their registration/authorisation to provide healthcare services
  • their professional liability insurance or similar cover in the event of harm.

Healthcare providers are also required to issue detailed and clear invoices.

See information on tariff systems

For information on the Centres for the diagnosis and treatment of rare diseases, by Region and at national level:

If you have more questions:

Find out more:

See Cross-border healthcare: what to know

Natinal contact point

Sono consultabili i tariffari di riferimento per ciascuna Regione e Provincia autonoma, relativi alle prestazioni di assistenza ospedaliera e specialistica ambulatoriale (in attuazione della Direttiva 2011/24/UE e in riferimento all’art.8, comma 3, del Decreto legislativo n.38 del 4 marzo 2014):

Consulta i Tariffari Nazionali delle prestazioni del SSN (Servizio Sanitario Nazionale)

Per ogni ulteriore informazione è possibile rivolgersi al Punto di contatto nazionale o alla ASL territorialmente competente.

Date publishing: 18 october 2019 , last update 28 october 2019


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