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Database of plant protection products

Searching for Plant Protection Products in the database can be accomplished by entering the following fields: product name; product registration number; authorisation decree issue; danger indications; active substance names, or partial names using the percent character; authorisation issue expiry date in products registered by legislative decree 194/95, i. e., after May, 1995; field of use, e. g., insecticide, fungicide, etc.; all currently authorized products; and/or the product's administrative (authorisation) status.
It's also possible to request IP products (parallel import approval) or PPO products (intended for use in balconies and domestic gardens), or that results fall between a certain time period. Results include the last label available for authorized products.
A list of products in a given phytioatric category is obtained by selecting the activity of interest without providing any additional search parameters.
A table is also available of field formulas with their abbreviations and descriptions.

The database is updated at 28 February 2021

To begin, select the type of search you want and then specify the criteria.

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From To

We recommend using the appropriate search criteria to narrow your results and avoid long waits.

A table with the description of GIFAP codes, used to indicate Formulation types, is also available.

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